My home is on a small Danish island, Bornholm. That’s where we named it danskehavn.

The life in “danskehavn” so far has been quiet and peaceful. Our ambition is to get “danskehavn” more buzzing with several dogs and sheep in the future, for I love spinning and knitting, while my husband loves eating lambs.  


There is nothing happier and more relaxing than being here, where is rich in time and full of  inspirations that the nature brings , even though material abundance is not comparable to the big city like Tokyo.

Strolling around, cooking, cleaning up, chatting with neighbors, sowing seeds, picking berries, my husband’s hunting, a cry of pheasants, a beautiful big sunset, a break-down of the warm system, candle-lights and a fire-oven in the cold night, quiet time for book-reading, occasional arguments about politics, flicks of newspaper, the sweet tone of  a clarinet….. 

My favorite daily life.

I am hoping that you enjoy my blogs filled with  the daily events at “danskehavn” that brings me joys and surprises.


Autumn, 2018 at “danskehavn”….

Tae Maki Poulsen